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Inazuma Eleven & Inazuma Eleven Go

Kidou Yuuto/Jude Sharp

Jude Sharp, also known as Yuuto Kidou, is the former captain of the Royal Academy Soccer team and one of the forwards of the Raimon Eleven, though it is often termed 'midfielder'. He is mostly the strat

jude sharp with royal academy
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egist of the team. He has been nicknamed by many "the Expert Play-maker".

His appearance consists of blue goggles and red cape(he switched it to blue when he played with Raimon Eleven/Inazuma Caravan but he switched to blue while the FFI arc) and has brown hairs and red e yes (it is only shown sometimes).
Originally from Royal Academy. The reason why he plays for Royal is for his sister, Celia Hills. He was forced to win 3 constructive soccer championships in order to be with her again, so he decided not to contact her for 6 years, leading Celia to believe she gets in his way. After seeing Ray Dark's wrongdoings, he and the rest of Royal Soccer Club quit. Eventually, Jude joins Mark's team, changing his cape to blue. He is mostly the strategist of the team. In Raimon Middle School, he is close friends with Mark and Axel and he can do combination moves with Mark and Axel called the Inazuma Break but the other is with the other, Mark, and him called Inazuma Break V2.
Before joining the Raimon Eleven, he was a pawn of Ray Dark, former coach and principal of Royal Academy. He was convinced that if he won three consecutive matches in the Soccer Frontier, his foster father will adopt his real sister, Celia. But when Jude knew about Dark's plan to win the Soccer Frontier by cheating, he quit being a pawn and stopped Ray Dark from continuing his plans.
In the Soccer Frontier, the Royal Academy lost the game from Zeus Junior High with the score ten to zero. Because Jude had an injured foot, he didn't play in this game. Because of this, Jude lost his confidence. But his confidence returned with Axel's help, convincing him to join Mark and the Raimon Eleven and avenge his team.

Killer Moves
[Dark] Illusion Ball
[Dark] True Illusion Ball
'Emperor Penguin No. 2' (with Arch and David; later with Axel and Eric or with Kevin and Eric)
[Fire] Twin Boost (with David or with Eric)
Inazuma Break (with Mark and Axel or with Seymour and Axel)
Death Zone (with Mark and Bobby)
<Death Zone 2 (with Mark and Bobby)
The Earth (with the rest of the Raimon team)
[Fire] Killer Fields (with Caleb)
[Fire] Twin Boost F (with Axel) Game Only
[Wind] Emperor Penguin No. 3 (with David and Caleb )
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